Seamless Rain Gutters Installation

Triton Gutters uses only the best materials available within the Gutter industry. We install Seamless Gutters which can range in length from inches to over a 100 feet. Our large color selection provides home-owners and contractors with the ability to match Gutters and Downspouts to Exterior Siding, Brick, and/or Trim. For those wanting to make their job the talk of the neighborhood, Triton offers custom Copper installations. Most jobs are backed by our 10 year guarantee on labor.

Only The Best Material:

  • Alcoa Gutter Coil
  • .032 Thickness
  • Stainless Steel Screws
  • Large Color Selection
  • Premium Leaf Guards
  • Reinforced Hidden Hangers
  • Premium Gutter Sealant

Products Offered:

  • .032 Gauge Aluminum Seamless Gutter Coil
  • Custom Half-round Gutters And Round Downspouts
  • Gutter Size Range: 5", 6", 7"
  • Downspout Size Range: 2x3, 3x4, 4x5
  • 16 oz And 20 oz Copper Gutters And Downspouts
  • Alcoa Leaf Relief Gutter Protection
  • 24 Plus Standard Colors Available
  • Custom Dream Colors Available

Seamless Rain Gutter Installation Methodology:

  1. All gutters are installed using hidden screw hangers spaced every 24 inches apart and 4 inches from the ends
  2. Levels are used to ensure gutters have proper pitch
  3. Strip mitres are used as opposed to bulky box mitres for corner transitions
  4. Premium gutter sealant is used to seal end caps and mitres
  5. Larger outlets are used for more efficient draining, most companies use 2 3/8" tubes we use 2 ¾"
  6. Stainless steel screws are used, most companies use zinc plated, these rust shortly after installation
  7. Downspouts are installed using hidden clips as opposed to leader straps
  8. 2-story downspouts require a minimum of 3 clips, most companies use only 2

Alcoa’s Leaf Relief Gutter Guard System:

Alcoa’s Leaf Relief Gutter Guard System

When it comes to Leaf Guards and gutter protection, Triton has installed numerous products over the years including such names as Waterloov, Waterfall, Gutter Helmet, LeafProof, and Gutter Cap. Many of these products are bulky, mount to the roof deck, underperform by deflecting water, and are flat out UGLY. Our experience in this field has led us to embrace Alcoa's Leaf Relief gutter guard system. Backed by Alcoa's own product warranty and brand recognition you know that this is a quality product.

Leaf Relief is installed prior to securing the gutter to the home. This provides the added benefit of not having to tamper with roof shingles which could lead to a leak. The product is installed within the gutter using 1 ½ inch stainless steel screws along with washers spaced every 18 inches apart. Furthermore, the product has an extremely low profile, all you see is the gutter, no unsightly helmet sitting at the roof edge.

Click here to learn more about Alcoa’s Leaf Relief

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